About Us

Association of Leasing Companies (ALCS) was founded in June 2004 as a non-profit organization, in line with the initiative of SEED (South-east Europe Enterprise Development) – The World Bank for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in South East Europe.

Association of Leasing Companies in Serbia represents the common interests of the members of the Association, and it is committed to the improvement, promotion and development of the leasing industry. Together with its members and associate members actively participate in creating a better business environment while also improving the legal framework of the business.

All leasing companies in the market of the Republic of Serbia are members of the Association, which emphasizes the uniqueness of the efforts to improve the business of leasing industry.

Association of Leasing Companies in Serbia cooperates with Leaseurope, European Federation of Leasing Company Associations, which brings together 42 Member Associations in 31 countries, that enables the exchange of internationally accepted standards and best practices.

The strategic objectives of the Association of Leasing Companies in Serbia are:

  • Promotion of leasing as a source of finance
  • Improving the business environment in which leasing companies operate,
  • Active effort to improve the legal framework of the leasing industry,
  • Represent the common interests of its members in front of government bodies and institutions,
  • Introduce educational activities to support business of leasing industry, as well as a better understanding of leasing as a source of finance
  • Provide high quality information on leasing market in Serbia.

Within the Association of Leasing Companies in Serbia expert committees were formed, in which representatives of the Association members actively discuss issues in specific areas and develop the Association positions.

The expert committees within the Association are:

  • Legal Affairs Committee,
  • Finance Committee,
  • Marketing Committee,
  • IT Committee.

In line with actual topics, working groups are being formed.